'A Study of Convergence'

Clay, sugar, card, resin.

Installation at Rookwood Cemetery.

'Hidden at Rookwood' Sculpture prize winner.

35 million people travel the world each year through human trafficking.

800,000 people travel to Germany this year, seeking asylum. (Australia has accepted 800,000 asylum seekers in total since 1945).

30,000 people have travelled to Australia by boat. We gracelessly define these human beings as 'boat people.'


People move around the world en masse. Carrying their stories like mud on their back as they continue to trudge along.

Every human has a story, a scar, a smear of mud across their brow. We all carry our own story on our back, each equally important as the next.

Do we accurately perceive the enormity of human movement around the world? Do we acknowledge the enormity of every story?

Of course not, there's billions of us.