Love Songs For Plants is a creative studio based between Sydney and the South Coast of NSW.


Founded by artist and designer Angela Bekiaris, her work draws on observations of daily life in urban spaces, in nature and life in her grandparents' traditional village upbringing. 

Made by hand, each piece speaks its own story and is a continual evolution of the artist’s ongoing practice - they are a collection of love songs. 

"In my work, I explore the inherent narrative of objects. These pieces are created with a narrative in mind which of course, changes the moment the object belongs to another person. It then also takes on the story of the homes they live in.


In this way, what I have touched and created has formed a connection between my hands, my story and your space, your story."

With a Master of Art at UNSW and a Diploma of Graphic Design at the Design Centre Enmore, Angela has also undertaken artist residencies, is an art prize winner and has been an Art Educator for a number of Sydney's prominent art institutions.

She is open to collaborative projects and commissioned works that are linked to her creative approach.