2017, Artist in residence, The Greenhouse Science Research Station. Fowler's Gap, NSW.

I used the materials of earth clay, scrap metal and other found objects  to create raw earth vessels in an attempt to create beyond the traditional form and dissect the superfluous purpose of decoration and beauty.

Through the staying at Fowler’s Gap, I particularly wanted to meditate on concepts of “empty” space – both externally and internally: of the vast space of the desert region and the vast space of the inner self.

An important part of my project was to leave behind all materials sourced from the land. This meant that artworks that were made were not taken back home with me. ​The purpose of this act was to consciously place myself within the experience of detachment my own creations, possessions and attachment to beauty. At the same time, I wanted to observe if my artmaking process changed in any way, knowing that what I make will be destroyed.


We do not own the land we live on, we belong to it.

A vessel of baked clay: do not put it in a glass case alongside rare precious objects. It would look quite out of place.

Its beauty is related to the liquid that it contains and to the thirst that it quenches.

Its beauty is corporeal: I see it, I smell it, I hear it.

If it is emptied it must be filled; if it is filled, it must be emptied.

-Ocatavio Paz